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The Benefits of a Foam-Lok Spray Foam Roofing System

Your commercial building is a long-term investment. You want its roof to stand strong against rain, wind, and sun. You also want to avoid roof leaks that raise your building's energy costs.

Count on the experienced installers from Midwest Custom Coatings to shield your roof with commercial spray foam roofing in Lincoln, NE. For 25 years, we've applied the THERMO-FLEX Foam and Coating System to buildings throughout the area. As certified spray foam insulation installers, we install the highest-quality polyurethane that requires little maintenance.

Read on to learn more about our spray foam roofing installations.

Protect Your Roof with the THERMO-FLEX System

Count on the installers at Midwest Custom Coatings to provide you with a complete insulation system.

First, we apply FOAM-LOK industry-standard spray polyurethane foam, a lightweight, adhesive substance that provides complete protection across your entire roof. It also acts as a drainage system to prevent leaks.

Then, we seal the spray foam with THERMO-FLEX Coating. With 60 years of established performance, it's clear the THERMO-FLEX system is the best choice for your warehouse or commercial building. When you use commercial spray foam roofing in Lincoln, NE, you strengthen your roof and extends its lifespan.

Benefits of Polyurethane Spray

•    Resists heat flow better than other materials; it offers the highest R-value per inch
•    Faster and more affordable to install than traditional insulation
•    Resists damage from wind and hail, keeping your roof intact in all weather
•    Decreases energy expenses to heat and cool your building
•    Protects your roof from water damage with its seamless structure

Midwest Custom Coatings wants you to have a reliable and energy-efficient roof. We provide some of the latest and greatest roofing materials to achieve this goal.

Whether you need commercial or residential help, you should place top priority on your roof's durability. Roofing with spray foam insulation in Lincoln, NE always pays off in the long run.

Polyurethane Material

Your roof shelters you and your family or business from the outside world. To resist weathering, water damage, and conditioned air loss, your roof depends on reliable roofing material. Spray foam acts as one of the most effective solutions to your roof problems.

At Midwest Custom Coatings, our experienced roofers use a modern spray foam application to seal out any moisture, debris, and temperature changes. Polyurethane roofing spray foam insulation for Lincoln, NE homes and businesses prevents damage and energy loss and protects interior space from the elements.

Higher Insulating Power

Polyurethane material also has a very high R-value, or the ability to resist heat flow. As you use this capacity in your roof and insulation, you'll save on energy bills for years to come. Call us at (402) 874-9052 for more roofing information or fill out our online form to learn more.

Call Today for Superior Installation

Our installers are familiar with the unique requirements of different structures and can adapt our installation to any roof size or type.

Insulate your building with commercial spray foam roofing in Lincoln, NE. Call us now at (402) 874-9052 for a free estimate.
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